Below are some of the reviews our entertainers have received.

"Hi--I'm a fourth grader at Roosevelt School in Park Ridge, Illinois. I just saw your show today, and told my mom, dad and sister both stories. My favorite part was when the puppet, Shari Cary, came out. She was sooo funny. I loved your performance and want to see it again!"
– Park Ridge, Illinois

"We love Babaloo! Everybody had a great time! "
– Burlington, IA

"You have the wonderful gift of being able to hold them in the palm of your hands during the performance, and part of that is a credit to your outstanding personality and the repoire you have with students. We look forward to having you again."
– Park Ridge, Illinois

"Brett Eastburn was a brilliant speaker for the students at Merrillville High School during the week of September 11-13, 2001... He has shown the students at Merrillville how important it is to realize that if they put their minds to it, they can accomplish any goal... Brett could have a great impact on the people in New York and Washington who have recently experienced great tragedy."
– Merrillville, IN

"I was very impressed with his rapport with all ages in the audience. "
– St. Ann, MO

"Everyone is still talking about how great his show was! Awesome, Wonderful, Fabulous!"
– Chester, IL

"Niemann's witty, personable writing style draws you into his fact-filled columns, and before you know it, you've learned something."
– Bolivar (MO) Herald-Free Press

"Wonderful show - our community loved it. "
– Higginsville, MO

"Really great!"
– Benton, IL

"Great Show!"
– Macon, IL

"The assembly today for our 7th and 8th graders was amazing. The kids loved it and learned a great deal. The messages you shared were perfect before the Thanksgiving holiday. "
– Theresa Waterbury

"William Mitchell has been a favorite at our After Graduation Party every year since 2004! The Hypnosis show is so much fun! The kids and parents love it!"
– Karla Tanzey Mexico High School Mexico, Missouri

"Wonderful show- The kids loved it! "
– Stanberry, MO

"Absolutely fabulous- as always! "
– Chester, IL

"Whether bringing a smile to a child’s face, or sharing your passion for children to ‘believe in themselves’ with your songs and show, it is always a pleasure to watch you. You are wonderful."
– Lisa Lyons, Banner Day Camp

"Lynn is the guy to go to for a Bob Hope tribute. We've hired/worked with Lynn four times. He does much more than look, act, or gesture like Bob Hope. Lynn can sing, play instruments, he has comedic timing, and he's a real musician, so he understands the nuances of the entertainment business. Most of all, he gets the laughs. And don't forget, he does loads of other impersonations too. "
– Hickory Hills, IL

"What an inspiration you are. You spoke today at my grand-daughter's high school in Windsor, Ill. She called to tell me what an awesome day she had and all about your assembly you gave them. You made her and her friends laugh until they cried - and we shared your video together. You so impressed her and her friends - thank you!!!! You are truly awe inspiring - wish I could attend one of your presentations! Keep up the fantastic work!!!!!!!! "
– Sue Patterson

"This was our first time with "Swords and Roses" and I'm sure it won't be the last. Thank you, Ladies. "
– West Frankfort, IL

"Dr. William Mitchell arrived on time. He brought with him everything he needed for the performance. He only asked for 20 chairs to be placed on the stage. He hypnotized the majority of the 20 students. He worked wonderfully with the students! He had the entire crowd laughing throughout the performance! The students and I enjoyed the performance!! He was an amazing performer! "
– Mt Zion, IL

"Keep Invention Mysteries coming. Quite informative and interesting. I have learned things about inventors and inventions that I had not been exposed to before."
– H. Helm, Comanche, TX