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"RESPECT A-Lecka-Hi"

Songwriting Workshop with Babaloo and T-Bone
For School Assemblies

Your students will learn the fundamentals of Respect; the essentials of Songwriting; the keys to Cooperation; the wonders of Writing and Singing an Original Song; and the thrill of Recording their Very Own CD… all in just 45 minutes!

Babaloo & T-Bone use Live Music, Comedy, Awesome Props, and lots of Energy to help your Kindergarten thru Seventh-Graders write and record an original song about Respect.

When it's all over, the kids will have an Original Music CD to play in their classrooms. They can even purchase a CD to take home. Either way, the underlying themes of Respect and Character will be reinforced over and over. The students will sing their song long after we've gone. And their parents will Sing Your Praises!

"This was a great show - the kids loved it and we got some really positive comments from parents!"
– Nashville, IL

"That was the best program I've ever seen! The music was wonderful and they were great getting the kids involved! I would highly recommend this program!"
– Bethalto, IL

"I would recommend this show to all schools! A++"
– Quincy, IL

"Babaloo was wonderful!"
– Havana, IL

"His name is Babaloo and he’s redefining children’s entertainment. ... Every show is different, and every show’s a party."
– Dan Buck, Show-Me- Saint Louis

"Babaloo was entertaining for the wide range of ages as well as including them in so much of the show. We'll be thrilled to suggest to others!"
– Bettendorf, IA

"Wonderful! Students and staff love Babaloo and T-Bone!!! Everyone had a great time!"
– Jacksonville, IL

"The crowd always loves Babaloo! Great Show!!"
– Newton, IL

"We all love every time Babaloo appears. You might say he has a cult following around here. "
– Keokuk, IA

"The bubbles were a big hit. The 5-gallon bucket "drumming" was my favorite! The noise was INCREDIBLE!"
– Mt. Pleasant, IA

"We love Babaloo! Everybody had a great time! "
– Burlington, IA

"Great Show"
– Ullin, IL

"Babaloo was excellent! He was friendly, personable, professional and highly entertaining. Several of our patrons asked when he would be back!"
– Quincy, IL

"I usually try to avoid checking all "excellents" but this guy was a great entertainer. The show had good flow and energy, and both the kids and adults loved it. We hope to have him back in the future. "
– Fort Madison, IA

"The kids loved him!"
– Shelbyville, IL

"Great program! Lots of fun! Kids and parents loved it. "
– Washington, IL

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