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Brett Eastburn

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Internationally acclaimed and respected motivational speaker that demonstrates his ability to overcome any obstacles. Brett has spoken to over a million people around the world, including Okinawa, Japan, Panama, Canada, Switzerland, and Mexico.

Brett Eastburn was born with no arms and no legs, but more importantly, he truly believes that he was also born with no handicaps! Brett believes you're a success only if you choose to be. He also believes you are handicapped only if you allow yourself to be. Brett considers his body a very special gift to be used to inspire others to be the best they can be!

He is energetic and enthusiastic and sure to inspire your staff or students as a keynote speaker, motivational speaker, or convocational speaker.

His presentation can be tailored to be affective to any group or organization of any size including motivational speeches, inspirational presentations, and comedy. (Clean comedy of course.)

Brett has spoken for corporate motivation events, corporate comedy/motivation events, club comedy, high schools, junior highs, grades 2-6, churches, industry, military, police groups, and more.

"I want to thank you for coming to the Athis Career Center and helping me see clearly... ...Your not the only one that was told you could not do anything. I have an Autism Spectrum Disorder, Ausburger Syndrome, and I can agree that I was told that I could never amount to any importance, but I Proved them wrong. go to this link to see a video I edited to prove that I did do something cool, even if it is not that important. Loved your comedy by the way. "
– Stephen Fedock

"I would just like to say this is the most motivational speech I have had the honor to listen to. Brett was at my college, Ohio University Southern Campus yesterday, 10-13-10, and my education class got to listen. It was amazing and I can't wait for next year! "
– Brittany McFarland

"Wow amazing!! You are truly an inspiration. I am a high school teacher and I want to show them your video clip to get rid of all those "I CANT" reasons to not succeed!!! "
– Andrea Fuentes

"OMG!!! This guy is amazing!! He came to my school and talked to us and was very inspirational. He really led me to believe that I CAN do anything!!! "
– Kate

"What an inspiration! Brett's presentation at our middle school was great. As a mom and Instructional Assistant, I told him he is making a difference in children's lives. I need to correct that, it be “Should be people's lives”. The combination of humor and motivation is unforgettable. Thank you!!"
– Carol Strom

"hope to see u live at a comedy club someday U ROCK!"
– Edwin Schoonover

"Thanks for coming to Eastern Greene and telling your story. You are a wonderful human being who subtly pointed out the "handicaps" we all face in life and did with tremendous grace and humor. I know I needed that reminder. And, our students did as well. Thanks again and best of luck in all you do. "
– Ted Baechtold

"I just want to say that u r really cool LOL "
– joe hamma

"We have known Brett for a lot of Years his bride Chrisa is nothing less than fantastic as is Murray! If you want to look up to a Hero, Someone that can accomplish anything Brett is the Guy! He's My Hero in Life!!!!!! FYI I'm a Viet Nam Vet former Marine SSgt! Wife Is Former Marine Viet Nam and Brett Is our Hero!"
– John Lor Gordon

"Hey Brett, I just Wanted to tell you that you motivational speech at Windsor High School was AMAZING! You were funny...and we were NEVER bored. You influenced a lo9t of children of all ages to do their best...and that all they had to do was TRYING. Anyway, Thanks a bunch. "
– Ashley Renfro

"Hi Brett- I was lucky enough to see you at New Horizon Center in Chicago, IL when I worked there. You are an amazing person and I wish you could come to South Africa (where I now live). We could really use your inspiration and motivation here to help us with our work! Thanks and keep it up :) "
– Pauline Mulkerrins

"When are you coming back to the Detroit area? I saw you at Mark Ridgley’s in 09, and I have been telling people how hilarious you are in stand up! Please come back soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "
– Teresa Zimmer

"I am thoroughly convinced that Brett Eastburn will go above and beyond all expectations you may have regarding presentations on courage, self-esteem, and the will to succeed. "
– Cassopolis, MI

"You were at my sons school this week for challenge day...THANK YOU... my son has not stopped talking about you. He is in the 7TH grade. I was also there and found you truly amazing!!!"
– Jamye Matlon

"Hey Brett... I am a part of the student body you spoke to today at Three Rivers High School. I am a marketing/DECA student, but didn't get to take part in shaking your hand or talking with you, since I entered the program a little late; I knew what was going on, but didn't know about the "backstage" pass. I wanted to tell you how much we all appreciated you coming in today, and that most of us did in fact get something useful out of the program. Have a good holiday! =) "
– Shelby F.

"Brett Eastburn was a brilliant speaker for the students at Merrillville High School during the week of September 11-13, 2001... He has shown the students at Merrillville how important it is to realize that if they put their minds to it, they can accomplish any goal... Brett could have a great impact on the people in New York and Washington who have recently experienced great tragedy."
– Merrillville, IN

"We saw Brett perform at Mark Ridley's Comedy Castle. He was hilarious... and inspirational and motivational! Actually, those descriptions are all understatements. Keep up the great work Brett. And thanks for a great night of comedy in Detroit."
– Rabbi Jason Miller

"Hey Brett, I saw you at my school a couple of days ago at Daviess County Middle School. I thought your performance was great and I hope you come back here. You have encouraged me to do things that I never thought I could do. Thank you very much!! "
– Malcolm

"Thank God for people like Brett! Thanks to you, we have now raised over $28,000 in the last 13 months for our high school, John Glenn, to give out in scholarships! I am so proud to be your friend and so proud that you care enough to help the future of not only John Glenn, but the FUTURE! "
– Laina Niedbalski

"The assembly today for our 7th and 8th graders was amazing. The kids loved it and learned a great deal. The messages you shared were perfect before the Thanksgiving holiday. "
– Theresa Waterbury

"Hey its Wyatt from Windsor, you know, the one who can't draw a dot. I really liked your performance and u is an amazing little guy and I hope to see u again."
– Wyatt

"What an inspiration you are. You spoke today at my grand-daughter's high school in Windsor, Ill. She called to tell me what an awesome day she had and all about your assembly you gave them. You made her and her friends laugh until they cried - and we shared your video together. You so impressed her and her friends - thank you!!!! You are truly awe inspiring - wish I could attend one of your presentations! Keep up the fantastic work!!!!!!!! "
– Sue Patterson

"You came to my school today and you are one of the best motivational speakers I've ever seen. You're amazingly funny and I love your enthusiasm. You're such an inspiration to me and all of my friends. Best wishes!!"
– Rachael

"I heard all about your visit today at South Elementary from my daughter! I think she memorized every word you spoke! I found your website by all the details she gave me. Thanks for coming to Grandville, Michigan! "
– Kimberlee

"I would highly recommend any school district or professional organization to utilize Brett as a motivational speaker."
– Edwardsburg, MI

"I just want to say that you really touched me when you came to my school. I had a 80 question test and I didn't give up just like you told me and I only missed 8 questions on that test and I got a 90% on that test. Thanks for the inspiration! Thanks Again Your Friend, Tucker "
– Tucker

"You are very amazing and that I saw you and my school I know that I can do anything I put my mind friends and I thought it was amazing how you made it that far but now I understand...thank you for coming to my are amazing!!!!!!!! "
– Felicia Scaiano

"The KQRS morning show was speaking about you today and I had to check out your site! Great video. "
– Fowler

"Dear Mr. Eastburn, you brought tears to my eyes when I saw your pictures. You truly are an inspiration. xx "
– Zaa

"Brett spoke at my son's school last week and he came home so excited. I felt like I was there because my son recited nearly every word to me. He holds me he initially felt sorry for Brett, but his thoughts changed quickly. I believe he used the word "amazing" at least ten times when describing Brett. Thank you for doing what you're doing! It truly is making a difference in people's lives. "
– Lori Fields

"I was at your thing I forgot what’s it’s called but it was on Friday March 11, 2011 and you asked us to remember what we thought of you when we first saw you...... And I hope you don't mind me telling you what I thought of you when I first saw you were. I thought you needed help a lot but then you got on the table and was like wow... lol.... and you started doing all the stuff like throwing the football and basketball and drawling graffeld then I thought of you that your a strong guy and you can do everything if you put your mind to all I’m saying is your "
– Krissy

"Any school wanting to present a message of hope for young people should consider bringing you to speak... Brett's presentation is both highly energetic and inspiring ... I suggest you bring Brett to your area at your earliest opportunity! I cannot begin to give you enough accolades ... you will receive another invitation to return once again... "
– Farmersbury, IN

"HI BRETT.......I saw your movie, and was awesome! I have seen you around here and there. I know your dad and uncle from many moons ago. I am a cousin to the Edison kids when they had pony rides. Boy that is a long long time ago! Just found this site through Becky Harness, (her mom Suzi and I are first cousins, and she was one of the Edison kids with pony rides). Small world eh? I will pass on this site....I know you are one of the funniest and talented fellas out there and hoping to catch one of your shows! YOU ARE AWESOME!"
– Bobi Livengood

"Hey Brett: Saw you at my school in Abington, PA. It was great and really funny. Is that your dog, he is cute, what's his name? I have a cool cat, named Tangie. My mom and I watched you on we were all laughing so hard. Thanks again. You rock. "
– Alex Breard