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Chris Clark Bicycle Stunt Show

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About the Show:

Professional trials rider Chris Clark has been competing and performing around the world for the past 15 years. Over that time, he has worked with organizations like The Olympic Games, Wal- Mart, NFL teams, bicycle companies, and major automobile manufacturers to bring excitement and consumer activation to live events.

In 2013, Chris will be hitting the road with the Chris Clark Bicycle Stunt Show.

This turn-key entertainment option allows event promoters to effortlessly bring excitement and energy to events of all types. Chris’ demonstration set includes all the ramps, audio equipment, and music needed for the show.

Each 30 minute show is a breathtaking display of balance and agility as Chris maneuvers his bike and body over his custom built ramps and obstacles, displaying the skills he has acquired in his years of national and international competitive experience. Chris even gets the audience involved by including volunteers from the crowd as part of the show.

Each demonstration is followed by an autograph session and give-away of free merchandise. Attendees also have the chance to enter to win Chris’ bike at the end of the season (valued at over $3000)

Marketing Assistance:

Chris assists each venue where he is scheduled to perform in the following ways:

  1. “Coming Soon” posters will be sent out in advance of performance date.
  2. High resolution images and a professional show description will be sent to event promoters for use on       website, in news articles, e-blasts, etc.
  3. Teaser videos such as this will be sent out in advance of performance date to generate audience excitement.
  4. Press releases will be sent to local media outlets
  5. Event attendees will have the opportunity to enter to win Chris’ bike at the end of the season, valued at over $3000!

"We received nothing but positive feedback on your program. The presentation was awesome and your skills demonstration was outstanding. The positive influence of your message certainly hit home with our students and we feel it was a great experience for all in attendance. We look forward to having you back to Seymour next year."
– Rich Kearns- Seymour Connecticut Public Schools

"Thank you for today’s show. My son had a blast and can’t stop talking about the event..... Thanks again."
– Trina Rango

"Chris taught me that it takes hard work and determination to reach your goals. That means stay away from drugs and alcohol, stay/hang with the right people, and practice. His performance was more than a show, it was a way to reach out to us and get us on the right track. I will surely take what I have learned and put it to good use in my life.""
– Hannah Lee Simmons 7th Grade Akron OH