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Elsenpeter Marionettes

The Elsenpeter Marionettes, headed by Mr. Richard Elsenpeter, are a professional full-time performing Marionette company who has entertained millions of school children in live shows for over 139 years.  Besides performing more than 200 plus programs nationally each year,   Mr. Elsenpeter will write, produce, create and carve an entirely new program annually.  The Elsenpeter Marionettes specialize in children’s classics and adapt stories with which most children are familiar.

The Elsenpeter Marionettes tradition of puppetry started in Elen, Germany approximately 139 years ago, by Richard’s great grand father.  Their traditional form of puppetry has been handed down through four generations.  Richard describes his form of puppetry as the “old world style of puppetry.”  It’s very nostalgic and is rarely seen any more in America because of its technical difficulties.

Each program is especially written for the Marionettes theatre.  Every detail has been carefully designed to achieve a perfect dramatic production in miniature.  Richard’s skillful manipulation of the Marionettes transforms the 2 foot tale, hand carved, wooden dolls into living characters with definite personalities.

The Elsenpeter program delights the young and the young-at-heart while stressing the importance of education and reading.  Our goal is to give children an outlet for their fantasies while making a lasting impression on them.

"Great crowd pleaser for all ages. "
– Salem, IL

"Great show, students Pre K - 4th grade enjoyed it."
– Camp Point, IL

"The assembly was excellent! We enjoyed the intermission breaks."
– Rockford, IL

"...the best performance so far ... very delightful & fun!"
– Fairfield, IA

"The show was a bright spot in our summer program."
– Edina, MO

"Wonderful! This is a way to keep the classics in my school."
– Blytheville, AR

"We were very pleased with your company. Hope to have you again."
– Nevada, MO

"Everyone enjoyed the show very much. Very organized and presented well."
– Otis, KS

"Thank you so very much for the wonderful program. I have had so many moms and kids thank me for having you come. While you were preforming the children were so intent, this was the first marionette performance many of them had ever seen. "
– Kirksville, MO

"Fantastic! We really enjoyed the program and the artist. We love working with you. "
– Lincoln, IL

"I just wanted to thank you for providing another excellent set of performances. We've had lots of positive comments over the past few weeks, mostly about how unique and charming the old-world style of puppetry is. "
– Ironton, MO

"He always does an excellent job. "
– Stonington, IL

"Thank you!! As with all of your productions, you were fabulous!! "
– Sherman, IL

"Fantastic program! Biggest crowd I've ever drawn. "
– Carbondale, IL

"Thanks so much for such an awesome show! Our patrons loved it! "
– Effingham, IL

"Great Show!"
– Macon, IL

"The children loved watching the show, even the 2 year olds paid attention. "
– St. Joseph, MO

"Thank you for the wonderful program!! The evaluations were awesome."
– Independence, MO

"Your performers were fabulous (as always)"
– Chester, IL

"Mr. Elsenpeter kept our young audience enthralled from the very first strains of music to the very last question and answer. Great show, Thank you! "
– West Frankfort, IL

"Great job!"
– Cunningham, KS

"We had a great attendance. Everyone enjoyed it very much. "
– Stonington, IL

"Richard, Your performers were fabulous (as always). "
– Chester, IL

"Always a great show! Thanks!"
– Rossville, KS

"Great program- visually interesting and good musical selections, a great experience for our audience. The question and answer session at the end helped to satisfy our audience's curiosity and enhance their enjoyment and appreciation of the program. "
– Forsyth, IL

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