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Johnny Appleseed

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Steve's performance is a homespun version of the Early American Frontier from the viewpoint of Johnny (Chapman) Appleseed.

Johnny introduces himself and tells about his life on the Frontier as a real character from 1800 through the 1840s. He talks about the Frontier customs, geography, and disproves some of the legends surrounding the character of Johnny Appleseed.

Johnny's love for children and animals is very evident as he describes contacts with both. Johnny's early life is discussed along with his attitude about life and his relationship with others, both Indian and White man. Time for questions is given at the end of every performance to promote audience participation.

"We have the best Johnny Appleseed in the world!"
– Crystal Lake, Illinois

"My Students loved him!"
– Sharpsville, Indiana

"He is someone we need around here."
– Pioneer Village Indiana State Fair

"We want to make sure he is available for next year."
– Metropolis, Illinois

"He is a living historian."
– Marion, Indiana

"His knowledge of the material and depiction of his character wad very impressive."
– Grand Rapids, Michigan

"It would not be the Apple Festival without him!"
– Kendallville, Indiana