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Mario Manzini

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Mario Manzini grew up with no self esteem but in spite of this he has been successful in his life. He wanted to be the best that he could be and to improve his life and he did. He can inspire your students to think positive and to better themselves.
“It’s not what you look like on the outside that matters, it’s who you are on the inside that counts!”
“You can do anything in life that you want as long as you believe in yourself!”
“Never, ever give up!”


Manzini presents a 45 minute program consisting of a short lecture on Houdini, then demonstrations on the way he escapes from ropes ties, handcuffs, strait-jackets and other devices sing students from your audience to put him into everything that he attempts to escape from. This is not a Magic Show!
Manzini has practiced the Art Of Escapology for many years and is the only real Escapologist touring today!
Manzini presents all of Houdini’s escapes in his programs. All of his escapes are performed in full view of your audience. No screens or curtains to hide his escapes. Lots of Audience Participation & Comedy!


Manzini is the “Guinness World Champion Escapologist” meaning that according to the Guinness Book of World Records he is the #1 in his field as an Escape Artist.
Manzini has performed throughout Canada & the USA. He’s appeared on most of the major TV shows such as David Letterman, Tonight Show, That’s Incredible and several other shows and specials. Manzini has presented his programs at hundreds of schools, fairs, festivals and other family style events.

"A Tribute to Houdini was a very impressive show. A dazzling display of special effects, dynamic escapes and spectacular illusions. The audience watched in great anticipation all of Mario's escapes and enjoyed everything about the show. Mario is very professional and a personal man. For those who were fortunate enough to see him, we're sure that the show left an impression that will linger for a very long time. "
– Blue Bell, PA

"We really enjoyed your show. You accommodated everyone despite the heat. The handcuffs at the end of your show had all the kids out of their seats, enthralled with how you were going to escape. Great Job and Thank you! "
– Carlyle, IL

"Mario was fun! "
– West Frankfort, IL

"A Tribute to Houdini was a great success. The attendance the night of the show was outstanding. We had a line of people around the block, it was one of our largest audiences this year."
– Columbia, MO

"the show was amazing...Your special effects and lighting made the show extremely exciting and breathtaking."
– University of Massachusetts Amherst, Mass

"Mario gave a wonderful performance at Suny Oneonta. He was extremely well received and a pleasure to work with. We will not hesitate to recommend his show to other colleges and universities because he is very professional and has all the attributes and characteristics necessary to be desirable on a college campus."
– Oneonta, NY

– London Daily Mirror; London England

"Your show was amazing and the audience loved the participation"
– Ross Ragland Theatre; Klamath Falls, Oregon

"Mario delighted our audiences with his skills and dexterity. He was indeed an instrumental reason why our event was such a success. We would strongly recommend his show for your event. "
– Atlantic City, NJ

"We thought both of your escape performances were fantastic. The pool escape was a great promotional tool and the local news channels jumped right on board. The aerial escape was the most unique halftime show the Sioux Falls Storm has ever had. "
– Sioux Falls, SD

"My family and I had the privilege of seeing you and Victoria perform this last Saturday at the Fair. We had a great time and very much enjoyed both your acts. Seeing such acts on TV is in no way as exciting as in person. Victoria, I have never liked the song "The Love Shack," but after your great performance, I have found myself humming it ever since and my nephew is begging for my handcuffs so he can be like you. I am a retired officer so I too have cuffs. LOL

Thank You both for such a positive experience that my family has shared."

– Wichita Falls, TX

"Mario delighted our audiences with his skill and dexterity. He was indeed an instrumental reason why this event was such a success."
– Caesars Atlantic City Hotel & Casino

"Mario gave an incredible performance....A truly modern Houdini!"
– Howard University Washington D.C.

"The audience was captivated by your outstanding performance"
– Newberry Opera House; Newberry, South Carolina

"The show was exceptional evening."
– Missouri Theatre, St. Joseph, Mo

"A superb job of entertaining the audience. A Tribute to Houdini is a very unique show and highly entertaining. People were amazed at how Mario performed his escapes from the Water Tan and handcuffs. It was a night I'm sure many of those in attendance will remember for a long time. "
– New Albany, IN

"One of the most unique performances that we've ever had on our campus. The show was fantastic. Especially the escapes from the water tank, strait-jacket and handcuffs. Mario was great interacting with the audience and involving them in the show. We will sincerely recommend the show to any campus or performing arts center as Mario has the ability to appeal to an audience of all ages. "
– Castleton, VT

"Mario put on a dynamic show here at Know College. The crowd response was great. His production is highly professional. He is not only a master escape artist and illusionist, he is also a master of theatre which is highly entertaining and outstanding. "
– Galesburg, IL

"Your presence drew one of the largest crowds we've ever had."
– University of New Mexico Albuquerque, NM

"Mario, thank you for an incredible performance...a top attraction!"
– 3M Corporation, Columbia MO

"Your show left an impression that will linger for a very long time!"
– Montgomery County Community College, Blue Bell, Pennsylvania

"Mario put on a tremendous show for the capacity crowd in our auditorium Friday night. Our auditorium has not been as full as it was for his performance in years. The show had something for everyone young and old alike which was one of the things that made it such a success. "
– Springfield, MA

"One of the best shows we've had in years. Mario is an amazing man. It's incredible how he gets out of all of the handcuffs locked on him by volunteers from the audience. A modern Houdini. The show was wonderful. We had a lot of children in the audience that were amazed as well as adults. "
– Jefferson City, MO

"A Tribute to Houdini was one of the greatest noontime entertainment we have had in years. Mario's presence drew one of the largest crowds for a noontime event. Our committee truly enjoyed hosting the show. "
– Albuquerque, NM

"Mario gave a marvelous show at the University of Massachusetts. A Tribute to Houdini was an amazing show. The addition of special effects made the show extremely exciting and breathtaking. Mario also remained two extra hours after the show to talk to and sign autographs for the hundreds of people who stayed. "
– Amherst, MA

"The show was outstanding ... the auditorium was packed. Everyone was amazed and talked about the show for days. Mario displayed congenial, yet professional character both on and off the stage which makes the show an event to remember. "
– Pittsburgh, PA