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Mark Twain

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This exciting show recreates the famous Mark Twain Shows of 100 years ago. Filled with hilarious comedy and compelling drama, this show is guaranteed to entertain and educate. It’s all in the words of Mark Twain. It’s more than fun; it’s an experience.

Mr. Richard Garey combines his passion as an actor, his skill as a storyteller, and his expertise as a writer to bring the role of Mark Twain Himself to life. A talented and experienced actor with acting credits in over 40 states and Canada in a twenty year stage career, Garey explores many dimensions of the characters he creates on stage. Mark Twain Himself includes comedy, satire, and drama as you would expect from Mr. Twain. Garey is also the playwright who collected and assembled this one-man play from the writings of Samuel L. Clemens.

"Fantastic! A captivating, timely performance of Mark Twain. Highly recommended. "
– Lawrenceburg, IN

"Absolutely Thrilled with this performance! Mr. Garey was fabulous, even stayed at the end to greet us and entertain our questions. We will definitely be having him back - thank you!"
– Performance at Library

"Thank you! We are very much looking forward to "Mark Twain." "
– Elk Grove Village, IL

Literature, Theatre, History | K - Adult | Theme Based or Pure Entertainment