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Mark Twain's Wild West Extravaganza

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Mark Twain's Wild West Show

"Everyone enjoyed Randy's (Erwin) performance. Thanks so much!"
– St. Charles, MO

"Chris (Camp) was wonderful. I have never seen our students so excited and engaged during an assembly."
– Chicago, IL

"Thank you for coming to our branch and presenting a superb program. The yodeling and roping were amazing. You (Randy Erwin) are a real star. "
– Kansas City, MO

"I was very impressed with his (Chris Camp) rapport with all ages in the audience. "
– St. Ann, MO

"Fantastic! A captivating, timely performance of Mark Twain. Highly recommended. "
– Lawrenceburg, IN

"Chris Camp. Skilled, entertaining, witty and fun! This is the best entertainment we've ever had."
– Oak Park, IL

"Thank you! We are very much looking forward to "Mark Twain." "
– Elk Grove Village, IL

"He (Jim "Two Crows" Wallen) was completely immersed in his subject matter, mastered from years of independent reading and by his painstaking creation of authentic-looking artifacts. He shared his vast knowledge and kept the adults and students spellbound. He revels in the gritty details of history...the glue that makes otherwise cold facts stick in our minds."
– Stuttgart, Germany

"We were very impressed with Mr. Two Crows."
– Liberty, IL

"He (Jim "Two Crows" Wallen) told his stories in such detail that we all conjured up memories from our own past and made us realize we too had stories to tell."
– Jenny Layman

"Randy (Erwin) was a great hit! He is certainly a talented professional. We hope to have him back in the future!"
– Champaign, IL

"Absolutely Thrilled with this performance! Mr. Garey (Mark Twain) was fabulous, even stayed at the end to greet us and entertain our questions. We will definitely be having him back - thank you!"
– Performance at Library

"We would recommend his (Randy Erwin) program to anyone searching for high quality talent."
– Mt. Carmel, IL

"Everyone loved him (Randy Erwin)."
– Stonington, IL

"I appreciated Randy's (Erwin) staying for photos and autographs. Heard many nice comments from audience members. "
– Pekin, IL

"I can't say enough wonderful things about his (Chris Camp) show. Everyone raved about him!"
– Manchester, MO

"As a teacher, I realize the importance of so many educational practices that you use in what seems like such an easy way: hands-on experiences, active learning, meaningful activities, integrated subjects, use of multiple intelligences, and so on and so on. Your programs allow me to offer the third graders at Meadow Lane the opportunity to "go back" in history and experience it. While doing so, they learn lessons that are multicultural as well as an integration of history, sociology, science, conservation, language, music, physical education, and mathematics. It's an experience that delights young and old as it educates."
– Lee's Summit, MO

"As yodelers go, (Randy) Erwin is tops."
– USA Today

"Jim "Two Crows" Wallen: Great show! We'll have him back"
– Crossville, IL

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