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Mother Goose & Friends

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Scholars are not sure who the original Mother Goose was, but you will meet her in the creative imagination of Chris Everett’s adaptation of one of the most loved storybook characters.

Living by his motto, “The yolks on you “, this hard shelled athlete is all he’s cracked up to be. Humpty Dumpty holds records for most uninjured falls in Wall Climbing, Egg Toss, and is a National Champion Egg Roller. Ole’ Mother Hubbard, his coach says “Yes, it only took one egg scramble to make him realize that it takes a lot of falls and you have to not mind getting beaten now and then to be a good athlete.” He has received three Golden Yolk medals in the Chicken Eggaversity as top eggtorian of his class, this living legend is now rolling around in Grand Chain, Illinois. Humpty Dumpty travels with Mother Goose now as a major character in her storytelling presentations.

Humpty Dumpty, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Old Mother Hubbard, Little Boy Blue and many other childhood favorites come alive with  this  one-of-a-kind performance where everyone lives  happily ever after.

"A very good performance. She held the children's interest from beginning to end"
– Lawerenceville, IL

"Mother Goose was amazing. Children were giggling and parents were laughing so hard they were crying. "
– Malden, IL

"Excellent - Thank you. "
– Rockford, IL

"Mother Goose is always a big hit. Kids and staff love her show! "
– Rockford, IL

"Our kids loved Mother Goose! She kept their attention from the start to the finish. She was personable and friendly to each and every child. I gauge the effectiveness of performers by the traffic up and down the aisles- Mother Goose kept them in their seats. Wonderful and engaging performer. "
– West Frankfort, IL

"She was excellent! She met our needs and was fabulously entertaining to boot! "
– Du Quoin, IL

"Mother Goose was very entertaining and so fun to work with. Thank you. "
– St. Joseph, MO

– Oak Forest, IL

"She keeps getting better & better. An absolutely wonderful woman with a fabulous program!"
– Chester, IL

"She is an awesome woman!!"
– Rockford, IL

"I would recommend her without reservations. Great Show. "
– Cape Girardeau, MO

"Really great!"
– Benton, IL

"Parents, teachers, staff and children were delighted by Mother Goose."
– Center, MO

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