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Nitro Joe's Science Show

Thrilling, fast-paced, high-energy science presentations that will dazzle the children!

Air in Action

This ephemeral and billowing show allows students to understand just how real air really is.  Nitro Joe will use air pressure to crush objects and move things around.  Bernoulli’s Principle will be demonstrated by making toilet paper fly and by creating Tornado Donuts.

Science Mysteries Revealed

The show will help students understand that magic tricks are just unexplained science experiments.  Things will appear to disappear right before the children’s eyes.  Impressive, controlled explosions will dazzle the audience and keep them talking for days.

It’s a Gas

Children and adults alike will be amazed by the impressive science experiments in this show.  Nitro Joe will use different gases to demonstrate physical and chemical changes.  Balloons will explode, potions will change color, bubbles will flow and creeping fog will cover the floor.  Students will be more excited than ever about science.

"Very well done."
– Quincy, IL

"He is excellent. The program is exciting and lively and the children loved all of it. Keep up the good work. "
– Lawrenceville, IL

"Great audience participation. Very educational and sill fast pace program. His experiments were awesome and wowed the children and adults as well. Very kid friendly and approachable. "
– Oblong, IL

"We would like to have him come back! "
– Chicago, IL

"My kids love his program. "
– Lincoln, IL

"Nitro Joe is fantastic. Best performance of the summer."
– Lawerenceville, IL

"Excellent!!! Nitro Joe is our favorite kids performer! "
– Quincy, IL

"The students loved it! And I liked the message - "It's not magic - it's science.""
– Highland, IL

"Nitro Joe rocked the house! Even the tiniest audience members were enthralled"
– West Frankfort, IL

"This is a favorite every year! "
– Lincoln, IL

"He even kept the really young ones entertained. "
– Shelbyville, IL

"We've had several different science shows and Nitro Joe is our favorite. We love Nitro Joe!"
– Palestine, IL

"All ages enjoyed the show!!"
– Newton, IL

"Parents and kids are still talking about it. It was great!"
– LaBelle, MO

"Awesome interaction with the audience. He kept them very engaged. "
– St Louis, MO

"Nitro Joe keeps the children riveted to everything he does by his showmanship and exciting experiments. Thank You. "
– Lawrenceville, IL

"Patrons are already asking to have Nitro Joe back! Top Notch every time! "
– Quincy, IL

"Great job! "
– Broadview, IL

"Nitro Joe was great! This science was fun and exciting. "
– Portland, AR

"Nitro Joe did a great job. He was entertaining and informative. "
– St. Charles, MO

– Ullin, IL

"Everyone is still talking about how great his show was! Awesome, Wonderful, Fabulous!"
– Chester, IL

"We had lots of positive comments. We wanted something new and different - he delivered! "
– Rinard, IL

"Great fun! Thanks so much!"
– St. Peters, MO

"The kids had so much fun. All of the teachers I spoke with said their kids really enjoyed it Thanks for a quality assembly that entertained kids and adults alike. "
– Queen City, MO

"This program was terrific!!! We received such great compliments on the performance and the audience was really excited and loved the participation!! THANK YOU NITRO JOE!!"
– Tolono, IL

"We've never had so many positive and enthusiastic comments from parents as will as students. Some said it was the best program ever at our school. Thank you. Nitro Joe!"
– Sullivan, MO

"Nitro Joe did an excellent job. I was very impressed and would highly recommend to others. "
– LaGrange, MO

"Great job! "
– Mendon, IL

"Nitro Joe's performance was not only entertaining, educational and professional, but was exciting fascinating and totally awesome. He has great rapport with his audience - young and old alike. Thank you. "
– Carterville, IL

"Nitro did a fantastic job. the kids and adults loved him!"
– Moweaqua, IL

"Thanks for a great program."
– Effingham, IL

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