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Randy Erwin

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The Show:

  • You’ll get forty-five minutes of cowboy music, folklore, and history — plus rope tricks!
  • Learn about the origins of the cowboy culture: how they lived, worked, and spun their tall tales.
  • Learn about the animals cowboys worked with, and the animals they fought against on a daily basis.
  • Learn about the physics of trick-roping and how to do it yourself.
  • Hear — and participate in — music that has made the cowboy such a special part of American history.

"Randy was a great hit! He is certainly a talented professional. We hope to have him back in the future!"
– Champaign, IL

"This was the second time we have had Randy and he was wonderful! "
– Normal, IL

"As yodelers go, Erwin is tops."
– USA Today

"Everyone loved him"
– Stonington, IL

"Randy was very professional and the yodeling was unique. "
– Quincy, IL

"This talented man kept preschoolers "corralled" and entertained while "wowing" parents with talent and laughter. "
– Midiothian, IL

"Randy Erwin... has one of the most versatile, far-ranging voices this side of Bobby McFerrin."
– Los Angeles Times

"We were impressed that Cowboy Randy was able to keep such diverse age groups engaged in his performance. "
– St Louis, MO

"It was an excellent performance. We all loved the yodeling and roping!"
– Palos Heights, IL

"We would recommend his program to anyone searching for high quality talent"
– Mt. Carmel, IL

"Thank you for coming to our branch and presenting a superb program. The yodeling and roping were amazing. You are a real star. "
– Kansas City, MO

"Very Professional. Wonderful interaction between audience and performer. "
– Flora, IL

"What a wonderful, entertaining program you presented yesterday! I was delighted how you kept all ages entertained! We look forward to having you back!!"
– Kansas City, MO

"I appreciated Randy's staying for photos and autographs. Heard many nice comments from audience members. "
– Pekin, IL

"Everyone enjoyed Randy's performance. Thanks so much!"
– St. Charles, MO

"Great! "
– Elkhart, IL

"Wonderful Performance! "
– St. Louis, MO

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