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Sandi Sylver

Sandi Sylver: Storyteller-Ventriloquist-Songstress:

Make no mistake about it: Sandi Sylver does NOT present “puppet shows.”  Sandi is a multi-talented performance artist who learned “to talk for two” by reading a “teach-yourself-to-be-a ventriloquist” book from the library, and then practicing, a lot!  With a style she calls “intelligently whacked-out,” Sandi brings her family of fabric, soft-faced, interactive, storytelling-ventriloquist puppets, along with her guitar and a bag chock-full of stories (adapted from literature, folk tales, world tales, and true stories), to performances across the country. 

Sandi Sylver’s performances are flat-out dazzlers! A true original, she presents a great variety of interactive programs each year in about 200 schools, preschools, libraries, festivals, senior centers and senior residences, park districts, synagogues, churches, and even birthday parties—and is having the time of her life!

Sandi’s cast of characters: “Adelia Rose Honeycutt, of the Atlanta, Georgia, Honeycutts,” is a senior citizen with a lot on her mind, and is more than willing to tell you all about anything and everything!  “Shari Carey” is a teenager from Long Island, New York, with her own schtick, presented as only a teenager can.  And no show would be complete without “Toodles,” a six-year-old-with-attitude.  There usually are a few other surprises that will delight audiences of adults and will have them talking about her show for quite some time!

In addition, Sandi Sylver also offers interactive presentations for children and families, with a variety of other puppets friends, including “Cutie Pie Crocodile,” “Little Red Chicken,” “Angelina Angel,” “Word the Bird,” “Legs the Frog,” and the ever-expanding vent puppet family that she is constantly expanding!

"You have the wonderful gift of being able to hold them in the palm of your hands during the performance, and part of that is a credit to your outstanding personality and the repoire you have with students. We look forward to having you again."
– Park Ridge, Illinois

"Thank you so much for your three performances at our Family Reading Night. The staff, students and their families thoroughly enjoyed your performances. Your energy and enthusiasm continued throughout all three performances. Your warm and kind personality assured me that your performance would be memorable. I have already spread the word to other teachers about you. Thanks again for a great performance and a wonderful working relationship."
– West Chicago, Illinois

"I want to thank you for your two awesome presentations here at The Goddard School. The children LOVED both shows. They were entranced by how amazing your ventriloquism skills are and, to this day, are still talking about how the puppets were talking. The show was full of exciting stories and songs that kept the children smiling, laughing, dancing, and begging for more. You have a fantastic gift that shines through during your performances. We will definitely be booking a show for next summer."
– Plainfield, Illinois

"Reno audiences now understand the reasons for such wonderful reviews by the other libraries which have hosted this wonderful storyteller! Her first story was bi-lingual and it was a big hit--and the program just kept getting better!"
– Reno, Nevada

"This past Saturday I saw something truly amazing: children coming alive listening to stories. These kids not only enjoyed the stories but became part of them. The parents, too, enjoyed her big hearted style, making everyone part of something really special. Sandi Sylver really knows how to keep the attention of kids of all ages."
– Bedford Park, Illinois

"Sandi Sylver was awesome! The kids and adults loved her and are very interested I seeing her again, hopefully for Summer Reading 2011."
– Durham, North Carolina

"I just want you to know that I think your shows were GREAT! The children were mesmerized! There was a teacher sitting near me who was constantly laughing; on my way out of the building another teacher chased after me to say how much she and her students enjoyed you."
– Olney, Illinois

"Thank you for yet another outstanding performance! I don’t know what’s more thrilling: watching the puppets come to life or seeing just how enthralled the audience is with your show."
– North Aurora, Illinois

"Last week we had the distinct pleasure of having Sandi Sylver present a scary storytelling program for our young adult coffeehouse (middle and high school students). They loved it! Sandi promised to scare their socks off and I am sure that a few of them went home barefoot that night! Librarians know it is no small feat to entertain young people this age."
– Plainfield, Illinois

"Monsters in the Bathroom” was a great program! There are not many people (especially not storytellers) who can keep a room full of kids entertained for over 40 minutes—you had them mesmerized and laughing for a full hour! Best wishes for the rest of your summer, and for the continuation of your stellar career!"
– Fairfax, California

"Thank you so very much for presenting your program for our children with special needs. We were blessed to have you here for them."
– Coach Care Center, Illinois

"Your presentation was "Fabulous". You did a great job making sure that you focused your presentations on the general age group that was present. You were very animated and really kept their attention; you also did a great job incorporating the evening's theme...I look forward to working with you in the future. Thank you for your incredible work."
– School District 54

"My girls saw your show at the George Mason Library a few years back, and they are STILL retelling your stories! They are now 6.5 and 11 years old, and they want to know when you’ll be back!"
– Annandale, Virginia

"The Incline Village Library audience loved Sandi, and one boy even slipped a pseudo love note to "Toodles" into her suitcase! She brightened our patrons' lives with an enriching, enjoyable program."
– Incline Village, Nevada

"I had a Special Events committee meeting this morning and was told that everyone loved your energy; one teacher pointed out they liked how you were so in tune with the kids, and were able to re-engage them by changing your timing and dynamics. The children loved interacting with the stories and the puppets."
– Chicago, IL

"Ms. Sylver's performance is complex and dynamic, and includes many elements that work together in magical ways. Her stories are clever and sophisticated so that they are appropriate for multigenerational audiences. These performance components are ideal for the Library's summer program. Unique is Ms. Sylver's ventriloquism ability. This is, as the kids in the audience put it, "Awesome!""
– LaSalle, Illinois

"We just caught your performance at Freedom Hall, and my wife and I are still trying to get the kids to sleep; they can't stop talking about your show. Performance art is a dying breed; thank you for keeping it alive."
– Park Forest, Illinois

"As a children’s librarian, I truly appreciate how you weave stories, books, music, and motion into your presentation. Of course, I also love how you teach the great resource known as the library to kids and their families."
– Aberdeen, Maryland

"For a high-energy and professional interactive program that will keep an audience enthralled, Sandi Sylver has my vote. We hope to have her return to California soon."
– Ventura, California

"What a wonderful presentation—the children are still talking about “the puppet lady.” You’d be perfect for our special needs children. You are a gift to all of us. "
– Chicago, IL

"Maisie was enthralled with you, and was sitting as close to you as she could. Your performance, I'm convinced, was the inspiration for our daughter (three years old) to begin to tell my husband and I stories completely extemporaneously."
– Maple Park, Illinois

"Hi--I'm a fourth grader at Roosevelt School in Park Ridge, Illinois. I just saw your show today, and told my mom, dad and sister both stories. My favorite part was when the puppet, Shari Cary, came out. She was sooo funny. I loved your performance and want to see it again!"
– Park Ridge, Illinois

"Sandi Sylver has come to Bristol Grade School for as long as I’ve been principal. We invite her back every year because she is that great! Her interactive presentation style brings stories to life for students of all ages. The kids absolutely love her. I would recommend Sandi for your next assembly!"
– Bristol, Illinois