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Snakes Alive

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SNAKES ALIVE! - Perfect For All Ages

APCA 2011 "Novelty Program of the Year"

Have you ever had your picture taken with an alligator OR felt a boa constrictor breathe? If you are looking for something UNIQUE and EXCITING for your next event, THIS IS IT!

“SNAKES ALIVE!” is a NATIONAL TOURING PROGRAM that offers an exciting, hands-on, educational experience! With a wide variety of live animals, SNAKES ALIVE! lets you interact "up close and personal" to discover first hand the fascinating world of reptiles. Learn their role in nature and caring for them in captivity as Herpetologist, Tom Kessenich lets you touch, hold and even talk to his friendly "critters".

 “SNAKES ALIVE!” is a program that can be enjoyed as a hands-on experience or from a distance. SNAKES ALIVE  quickly becoming one of the most sought after programs on college campuses across the country having been featured at numerous NACA Regional Conferences as well as the National Convention. In addition college programs, SNAKES ALIVE also performs for schools, festivals, libraries and special events.

"Everyone at my school LOVED Tom. We plan to have him back. He was the most requested when I asked friends who they wanted to come back."
– Jessica Ramel, Student Senate President,WI Indianhead Tech. College, Superior, WI

"What a fantastic presentation you held today at the Prairie du Chien Library Program. It was fascinating and educational for all who attended. I learned quite a bit myself. My son even thought I was pretty cool for holding an alligator and petting a fox snake! We really enjoyed the show. Thank you!"
– Holly Tanner

"Not only did the students love the program, they have already asked me to bring it back, but they learned about these misunderstood creatures, about themselves and experienced something many of them felt they never could. I could not ask for anything more from a show/performance. "
– Tom Yencha, Dir. of Student Union/Activities, WV Virginia University-Parkersburg

"Thank you so much for coming to ECHOES School to present SNAKES ALIVE! Your stories and entertaining style had the kids spellbound. Having the kids get up close and personal is essential for them to really experience the reality of snakes and all the misconceptions. You did such a fantastic job and, most importantly, I know no one who was there will ever kill a snake again."
– Gretchen K-1 Teacher

"Snakes Alive was a great presentation that let many of our students interact with the performer and each other and it drew a great crowd. The response we got afterwards was overwhelming and we hope to bring the event back very soon. I have to admit, I was hesitant about live reptiles on campus and how people would respond but this was much better than anything I could have planned for or imagined!"
– Rohry Flood, Coordinator, Student Activities Anne Arundel Community College

"We thought your presentation was both informative and fun, and kept the whole group entertained. No small feat for a bunch of seven year olds! Several parents told us what a great time their kids had, too."
– Jennifer Espinoza-Forlenza