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Stephanie Goodman Testimonials

"Stephanie’s interpretation of two women from Civil War times did more to plant interest in the minds our students than any straight forward lecture or text book reading ever could. Her depth of knowledge and passion for the topic is obvious and contagious. Fantastic presentation! Extraordinary actress!"
– Carol Webster, Principle Based Learning, founder and president

"Not only was it delightful and educational to watch Stephanie's portrayal of two women from different sides of The Border Wars, it was also wonderful to watch the audience respond to her performance! The elementary-aged children were completely absorbed by Stephanie;s show. The children were interacting with Stephanie as she guided them through the uncertainty and fear these women of The Border Wars faced. Following her performance, Stephanie skillfully allowed for questions from the audience about this historical time period as well as her acting techniques. She took the time needed to answer each child's question which greatly contributed to this active learning experience. I highly recommend Stephanie Goodman as an actress who brings history to life!"
– Betty Hathhorn

"Stephanie was magical on stage, and I knew immediately that I wanted her for our productions… incredible asset to our shows. Had it been possible I would have cast her in every musical or dramatic play I produced."
– Former TYA director: Margaret Bachus

"She is an outstanding teacher and a fine director… has a can-do take on life. Stephanie brought a sense of joy to her teaching and I could see how her methods empowered her students. Stephanie brings considerable talent, professionalism, and heart to whatever she tackles. "
– Former Director of UF/CCM Preparatory Dept: Sheila Mckenna

"I attribute Stephanie largely for my love of acting…she instilled a passion for the art of Theatre. Later in life, I decided to pursue a career in television journalism and am currently a producer for NBC’s TODAY show. (Emmy winner)"
– Former Student: Bridget Nurre, NBC News, Today Show

"I’ve been in a graduate class at the National Frontier Trails Museum, Independence, called the George Caleb Bingham’s UnCivil Civil War. We learned about Order No. 11 and the sorrow that was felt on both sides of the Missouri/Kansas border back in the 1860’s. In the class we had many meaningful activities about the Border War. I was very touched by the play called, “Border War Reflections” as told by Julia L. Lovejoy and Margaret Watt Hays (two women who lived through the war and left letters behind). While listening, I began to understand what the families in Kansas and Missouri went through. Earlier in the class, I had the opportunity to see Bingham’s painting “Order No. 11.” I’m afraid that if we don’t learn the personal stories that weren’t recorded in the history books, history may repeat itself! What an awful time that was for the families of Missouri and Kansas."
– Author Unknown

"The National Frontier Trails Museum had the pleasure of hosting Stephanie Goodman and her one-woman play, Beatrix Potter, Her Life and Legacy. The play and her performance were exceptional in several ways….Her portrayal was sincere…hallmark of a gifted artist! "
– Richard Edwards, Education, Events Coordinator: Frontier Trails Museum