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Team Rock

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Is picking an entertainer for your school assembly or library program a bit daunting? Try out the ultimate attention grabber, Team Rock’s fast paced, high-energy performance! Our show fully engages students, and as educators, you know that’s when they learn the most! Woven in throughout the program is a no-nonsense message about making right choices.

Team Rock will bring a program to your school or library that will go down in the books as one of your best! Precision jumps, shattered boards, and everything that would make Chuck Norris proud! A sizzling triple combination show that will keep them holding their breath: Extreme Air, Extreme Power Breaking, and Extreme Self-Defense!

Extreme Air:
Our martial artists go airborne, executing high flying aerobatic stunts while breaking boards with every spin! Multiple boards, multiple locations - from just one jump! You have to see it to believe it!

Extreme Power Breaking:
Pulls out the big guns as performers’ blast through huge stacks of bricks, boards, and whatever else they can think of with all different parts of the body! This requires unbelievable speed, control and concentration. So don’t blink or you might just miss some of the action!!


Extreme Self-Defense:
Not just for show, these are real-life scenarios, and our martial artists show that the bad guy doesn’t have to win!! High-flying, heart-pounding maneuvers keep the audience on the edge of their seats as they watch the acrobatic skill and split-second moves of self-protection that make a show they’ll never forget! 




This team of national champion martial arts experts has been wowing audiences around the country with its highflying, jaw-dropping performances that showcase an extraordinary display of martial arts skills and theatrics.

Team Rock, which swept the awards for extreme air, power breaking, and self-defense at the 2011 U.S. Open Hanmadang National Championship, combines the talents of some of the nation’s top martial arts performers - including several who have appeared on “America’s Got Talent”. Together, they provide high-end entertainment that dazzles people of all ages and brings them back over and over again.

Equipped with its own full-fledged, professional staging, Team Rock brings a show like you’ve never seen before. Team Rock is here to serve you.

"Team Rock is unlike anything our audiences had seen before. People absolutely raved about them. It was well worth the money as they filled the bleachers for show after show. "
– Delaware County Fair