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The Ken Bradbury Gospel Piano

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"I think I was the youngest church organist in the Midwest," says Ken Bradbury.  "Actually, that's almost true...when I was five years old my mother 'hired' me to crawl on my hands and knees across the church choir loft, sit down between her knees and pump the organ while she played."

Ken has performed his faith-based piano ministry, a combination of humor and inspirational storytelling for over 40 years across the Midwest, and his unique mix of the stories behind Christian music along with hilarious retelling of what could possibly go wrong in a church service has delighted both secular and faith-centered gatherings.

"All I need is a piano," says Ken. "That is, a piano without doo-dads on the top.  When I play things tend to fall off." His honky-tonk style of gospel music is much in demand for church services, denominational conventions, and faith-based gatherings of all sorts. "I think heaven's going to be a pretty good time," says Ken. "My music is sort of a warm up."

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