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Victor Pacini

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Singing, communicating, creating, participating, and having fun are the topics for today!  Choose from presentations in which Victor combines singing and audience participation to help students realize their true potential and their dreams.  Self-esteem, confidence, respect for others, and an overall sense of believing in one’s self are the building blocks for Victor’s presentations.

VICTOR'S MISSION is to inspire and encourage people to believe in themselves and never give up no matter what!

Victor Pacini's love for performing began over twenty five years ago. He has taken his passion for singing to a new and exciting level by designing motivational and inspirational programs for children and adults. These programs, based on his personal life experiences, teach and inspire people to follow their dreams and never give up despite any obstacle they may confront. By incorporating the skills that he mastered while earning a degree in graphic design, he has created multidimensional programs that present thought provoking concepts and lessons through original songs and captivating graphics and images. His mission is to inspire and help people reach their true potential and to help them realize the importance of respecting themselves and others. By accomplishing this goal, he will make this world a better place one person at a time.

"I think youíre a great leader and person.† You just have such a warm heart.† I pray that all of your dreams in your heart come true. You make me want to go and reach my dreams right now.† Thank you. Hope to see you next year. "
– Student, ITI Conference (Illinois Teen Intstitute)

"You are a phenomenal speaker, delivering a very important message."
– Wendy, PTA

"Thank you for a wonderful performance and inspirational talk to our Gateway students.† As you know, these students face many challenges in life.† Our team believes your message of hope brought a unique opportunity for our students to learn and reflect upon their personal challenges."
– Dr. Dusti Adrian, Harlem High School

"Thank you so much for coming to Longfellow.† You were such an inspiration.† You are an awesome singer.† The song you wrote was very touching, and in other words it was great.† Itís so nice of you to spend your life inspiring and helping children and adults, that you should follow your dreams, and to believe in whatever you want to do!! I loved coming and watching your presentation.† You were the best presenter to come to Longfellow.† Especially since Iím in 5th. grade, you made my last year at Longfellow awesome!!† "
– Sari, Student, Longfellow Elementary

"We thoroughly enjoyed the assembly. It was a great way to start the year. †For the first time all year, there were no conflicts on the playground at recess. †I would like to think it was as a result of the assembly. Thank you for sharing your songs with us."
– Betsy Yager, 4th Grade Teacher, Sullivan School

"Victor was awesome! The students were engaged through the entire assembly. "
– Peru, IL

"What a pleasure to have you share your beauty of life, with its destinations and options."
– Michael Tucci, Actor (Grease, Diagnosis Murder, Broadway), Lawyer, Teacher

"Whether bringing a smile to a childís face, or sharing your passion for children to Ďbelieve in themselvesí with your songs and show, it is always a pleasure to watch you. You are wonderful."
– Lisa Lyons, Banner Day Camp

"Everyone loved the performance!"
– Kankakee, IL

"Mr. Pacini is a very courteous and mannerly young man. His performance is very good and family oriented. We were very pleased. "
– Lawrenceville, IL

"Victor was very professional and kind! His program had a great message for kids in these awkward middle school years!"
– Freeburg, IL

"In the almost 20 years Iíve been teaching and the seven plus years that Iíve helped with Snowball, I think Victorís presentations was one of the best Iíve seen. It was passionate, electric, poignant without being preachy, and a great multi-sensory show."
– David Monti, Teacher, Riverside Brookfield High School

"Thank you so much for coming to Longfellow. You were such an inspiration. The songs you wrote were very touching and in other words were great. You Rock."
– Sari - Longfellow School

"I canít say enough about how you impacted our event-in a way that was also fun. A delicate balance that you achieve perfectly. It was an amazingly powerful session. Thank you"
– Barb Reh - Breaking Free

"You made my day ten times better today with your energy.† I havenít had someone make me so happy in a while.† You did that for me and I thank you. "
– Courtney, Harlem High School

"Victor you are a complete joy.† Iíve rarely met anyone who is so together Mind, Body, Spirit.† Your voice is phenominal."
– Marion Rosenberg

"Victor, you did a great job singing for my audience. "
– Wayne Dyer - Best Selling author & Speaker

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