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William Mitchell

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A Hypnotist Show with Taste and Humor
When William Mitchell does your Stage Hypnosis Show, your group, company, or school will have a fun and positive memory of your event for a lifetime! These POWERFUL Demonstrations of the Human Mind will delight and amaze the audience. The audience will be spellbound as they watch their friends hypnotized.

A Hypnotist Show You Can Trust!
William Mitchell will take volunteers from the audience; everyone on stage becomes a Funny Star! Every stage hypnosis show is performed with good clean humor and taste. Hypnotism is one of the leading subjects of conversation today. These comedy hypnotist demonstrations are great entertainment! Each person is unique; so is each show!

A Hypnotist You Can Trust!
Unlike some stage hypnotists, William Mitchell is astage hypnotist that is also a clinician and hypnosis instructor that can explain to individuals and audiences why some people respond one way under hypnosis while others respond differently. He is also an adjunct faculty member at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine in Springfield, IL serving on their Complementary and Alternative Medicine Panel. William Mitchell is an ordained minister and in addition to his clinical hypnosis practice, serves as the BI-Vocational pastor of Stonington Illinois First Baptist Church (so you can be certian his show is clean and in good taste). So you receive an entertaining stage hypnosis program that has universal appeal for all ages and that is within your budget. William Mitchell takes his willing subjects on mental trips to the Beach, back to childhood on a sled ride, allows them to dance (Disco Never Dies!) in a contest, and makes them forget their first names and gives trigger words so they do things like suddenly jump up and yell ‘Hallelujah!’ automatically and much more! It is good clean fun.

"William Mitchell hosted a great show that has kept the students talking. As the Prevention Coordinator at Sacred Heart Griffin High School it is important to hold a Post-Prom that keeps the students entertained and excited for the next year’s event. The act was hysterical and the whole crowd enjoyed every minute of the event. It is obvious that William Mitchell is an experienced Licensed Hypnotist. Each directive had the crowd rolling over in disbelief; although they were convinced the act was real. We would recommend using William Mitchell for any event where you’re looking for great laughs and a good time. He has been doing stage shows for our Post-Prom’s for five years. We will continue to use him for several future events."
– Kristen C. Sacred Heart Griffin High School Springfield, IL.

"He was a lot of fun! I saw some material that I haven't see other hypnotists do. He kept the audience members involved and there a lot of high energy! I would definitely recommend! "
– Canton, MO

"Awesome! Not only entertaining for the audience, he encouraged participation. Very Good! Great! Held audience attention the whole time! "
– Quincy, IL

"Very professional - courteous - had a great time. "
– Grayville, IL

"Everyone enjoyed the show. He arrived promptly and started the show on time. The show was very funny, kept us all laughing. "
– Moweaqua, IL

"William Mitchell was fantastic he was on time and very professional usually when we have a comedian some people usually leave but none was leaving during this show it was great. I laughed so hard I was crying. I will recommend him to anyone who needs a comedian anytime. Thank you Mitchell all of my peers were impressed your professionalism reflected on me and I appreciate it."
– Saint Louis, MO

"Great Show! "
– Carlye, IL

"The Hypnosis stage show was a huge hit with everyone who attended the A-C Central post prom on May 13 th 2007. Mr. Mitchell was completely professional before.,during and after the show. none of the people hypnotized were asked to act inappropriately. We all enjoyed the performances very much . In fact, we hope to hire him again for next year."
– Star Hager Ashland Central High school

"William Mitchell was fantastic he was on time and very professional and did a outstanding job! Our group thought he was great. Yes we would definitely hire him again. He had the entire crowd laughing It was a lot of fun! Everyone there really enjoyed themselves and had a great time. Thanks so much."
– Durant, IA

– Quincy, IL

"Your hypnosis show was a hit! Grad Night was a success! I'm glad that you could be a part of it. And I hope you enjoyed the time you spent here in the Bay area."
– Karen Siluiera Sonoma Academy Parents Association Santa Rosa,CA

"The hypnosis show was a very great time!!!"
– Petersburg, IL

"Dr. Mitchell did an absolutely outstanding job! He was easy to get a hold of prior to the event. He allowed us to use his audio system prior to his show for our speakers. And the show had everyone "belly" laughing the entire time!! We couldn't have asked for a better show!!"
– Springfield, IL

"We were very satisfied with the hypnosis show presented by William Mitchell at our Christmas Party. It was a good clean show and was very funny. Mr. Mitchell did a great job, and everyone at the party was very entertained."
– Springfield, IL

"I just wanted to express my sincere thanks for a Job Well Done!! The entertainment for the 4-H Celebration Banquet at the 2003 Illinois 4-H Leadership Convention was outstanding – due to your enthusiasm and presentation, our delegates, chaperones, AND special guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Both the teens and adult chaperones rated your session as one of the best of the weekend: 3.76 and 3.67 on a 4.0 scale. Many of the delegates noted your performance as one of the most enjoyable sessions of the weekend. Thanks again for a GREAT evening!! Although we do not use the same entertainment every year because we have some many repeat attendees, we will definitely keep you in mind for future conventions!"
– Debra Stocker University of Illinois Extension Specialist 4-H Youth Development

"All who atttended laughed uncontrollably throughout the entire show. Get ready to have fun!"
– Hettick, IL

"Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation for the Montgomery College Psychology Club! The audience was educated and entertained! We were thrilled you could come to our campus and dazzle everyone with your show."
– Karen Buckman Associate Professor of Psychology The Woodlands TX

"Dr. William Mitchell arrived on time. He brought with him everything he needed for the performance. He only asked for 20 chairs to be placed on the stage. He hypnotized the majority of the 20 students. He worked wonderfully with the students! He had the entire crowd laughing throughout the performance! The students and I enjoyed the performance!! He was an amazing performer! "
– Mt Zion, IL

"Our Post-Prom was held on April 21st, 2007. We had a fabulous time in part to the entertainment provided by William Mitchell. His show was entertaining to say the least. All who attended laughed uncontrollably throughout the entire show. It was a great end to a wonderful evening. I would highly recommend Mr. Mitchell to anyone. Get ready to have fun!"
– Shawn Braley Northwestern Post-Prom , Hettick, IL.

"The show was excellent! We had to cancel our first date due to the blizzard that hit the state. He was very accommodating with the rescheduled date. Everyone there really enjoyed themselves and had a great time. We definitely will be looking at calling Mr. Mitchell again. It was good clean family fun. We even had some technical difficulties but he worked right through them. I would definitely recommend him."
– Peoria, IL

"Thank you!"
– Stover, MO

"Would love to have him again. "
– Philadelphia, MO

"The kids and parents loved the show. He was a hit with everyone. We would like to have him come back next year for our event."
– Decatur, IL

"The Pleasant Plains After-Prom Committee has engaged William Mitchell for at least the last 4 years as part of our post-prom festivities. And, once again, this year we were not disappointed! William puts on a wonderfully funny interactive show that is enjoyed by students and adults alike. The participants are never embarrassed, and the show is always the topic of conversation for weeks. He is an integral part of our efforts to provide an after-prom students are excited to attend!!!!!!!"
– Sheila Ryan Pleasant Plains ,IL

"Dr. William Mitchell was great to work with. He was very prompt in returning my phone calls and answering any questions I had. He was always very courteous and professional. We were extremely satisfied. His show was great! I would highly recommend Dr. William Mitchell."
– Neoga, IL

"Very entertaining! Received many good comments from those in attendance."
– French Lick, IN

"Great Show!"
– Jahnsburg, IL

"It was such a pleasure working with Dr. Mitchell. Everyone loved the show."
– Springfield, IL

"William Mitchell has been a favorite at our After Graduation Party every year since 2004! The Hypnosis show is so much fun! The kids and parents love it!"
– Karla Tanzey Mexico High School Mexico, Missouri

"Entertaining for all! Great Experience!"
– Carlye, IL

"I recently had the opportunity to see William Mitchell perform his hypnosis show at our high school’s After Prom. He was very professional and did a great job working with the kids. The show was very entertaining, and was enjoyed by the students as well as the parents. I would not hesitate to hire William Mitchell again for next year’s After Prom."
– Sheila Wilson Brown County High School After Prom Committee

"Love it! He always does an awesome job. "
– Philadelphia, MO

"This was such a great performance. We look forward to having William again! "
– Carthage, IL

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