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Rob Compton never meant to become kids’ music idol, “Babaloo.” But after a few impromptu school concerts in his home town of Washington, Mo, the kids just wouldn’t leave him alone. Now he plays over 350 shows a year from Albuquerque to Philadelphia and has listeners all over the world.

Babaloo is best described as a one-man musical comedy act for kids of all ages. Be warned; this is no run-of-the-mill kids’ crooner. A Babaloo performance is a high-energy, over-the-top, rousing experience.

“My shows are carefully controlled kayas.” says Babaloo. “There’s no ‘criss-cross-applesauce, sit-still-and-zip-your-lip’ stuff; we’re always dancing, singing, yelling, stomping, throwing stuff around, beating on buckets – whatever it takes to keep everyone energized and laughing!”

And what kid could keep from laughing with songs like “I Lost My Pants in the Swimming Pool,” “My Hair had a Party Last Night,” “Don’t Pass the Gas,” and “Monsters in the Bathroom.” He even won an international songwriting contest for his tune, “The Wee Wee Dance.” These are just a few of the upbeat, hilarious tunes found on Babaloo’s two cds, Bean Bag Bop and Room For Everyone. Don’t worry, you’ll also find uplifting songs dealing with sharing, acceptance, and character issues. But they’re never overly-sweet or schmaltzy. This entertainer’s unique ability to connect with kids has resulted in thousands of cd sales worldwide. 

Babaloo has been wowing children with his raucous, zany brand of entertainment for nearly a decade, and he shows no signs of slowing down. He can be found throughout the year playing large concert venues; fairs and festivals; school assemblies; libraries; corporate events; and just about any gig where kids and grownups alike are looking to have a good time.

“My job is to make kids smile and sing,” says Babaloo. “And not just during a performance. I want them smiling and singing all the way home in the car, at the dinner table, in school the next day, and clear into the next year!”

Judging from the reactions of his audiences and fans, Babaloo is doing a great job.


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