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Carolyn Agnew

"Bring Light to the Not-So-Hidden Secret"

Who is Carolyn Agnew? 

As a survivor, Carolyn Agnew knows the delicate nature of sexual abuse and assault and will discuss it from her personal point of view. Carolyn has spent years working in underpaying jobs and was never appreciated for the talent she brought to the table. Carolyn took a giant leap· of faith and embarked on a full-time speaking career while she was in her 40's.

"Bringing Light to the Not-So-Hidden Secret"

What are the stats for Sexual abuse, harassment or assault on a school campus?

• Campus sexual assault traumatizes survivor's bodies, minds, spirit and bank accounts.
• An estimated 13 percent of female undergrads are sexually assaulted each year. That's more than 1 million women.
• One in five undergraduate women will be sexually assaulted before leaving college.
• 67 percent of campus sexual-assaults survivors say their academics suffered after their as assault.
• 58 percent of campus sexual-assaults survivors fail to graduate on time or at all.
• College dropouts make 34 percent less than people with bachelor's degrees.
• The average sexual-assault victim will pay an estimated "assault tax" of $122,461 over her lifetime in medical and legal bills, lost work productivity and other costs, per 2017 CDC data.

What is Our Program About?
Discussing a delicate topic like sexual abuse, harassment and/or assault can be very uncomfortable for many professionals! Our program was designed from a sexual abuse survivor's perspective, with one goal. To open a dialogue with our audience, our teachers, our social workers, and our administrative staff, in order to discuss this delict subject and confidently teach sexual abuse prevention and education to your students.