Type of Entertainment: Family Comedian   Rating: Everyone

Toby KID Klauenberg


“Toby KID Klauenberg is flat out funny” and has been for a hysterical career spanning thirty years. Iowa native and still a resident, Toby finds the funny in life. “His quips about family, death, wife and life, not necessarily in that order, hit home on the funny bone.”

Diversity in clients is reflected in Toby’s diversity of performances. From the fifty yard line in a 60,000 seat college stadium to the summer library show for eight kids, Toby reaches his audience with his sincere humor. Toby has performed for multiple 4-H and FFA groups. Be it a comedy club, a presentation for elementary age kids or stand up for the McDonald’s executive board (in the middle of their annual meeting) “KID drops clever material and keeps it audience appropriate and clean”.

Seven presidential candidates, the King of Norway, the Prince of Wales, cosmonauts, and sports legends are just a sampling of those that have laughed at and with Toby. Alabama, BB King and Garth Brooks along with more than fifteen other chart-topping musicians have relied on Toby to set the tone of their shows with his laugh making. Roy Fox of the legendary Nashville-based Fox Brothers said, “It’s always best to work in front of a good audience. Whenever Toby could open for us, a great audience was guaranteed.”

Throughout his career, Toby KID Klauenberg has performed over fifteen thousand shows and driven literally millions of miles. He's performed in 48 states and 17 countries. If you listen to the radio you have undoubtedly heard KID's caty-wampus views or maybe read them on the web. KID's numerous TV appearances include Good Morning America and ESPN.

Toby has been married to Jennifer since 1989. They have four children who all have achieved academic excellence and hold athletic records. They all live on a small truck farm in central Iowa with their dogs, cats, chickens, and gardens. 

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