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Brett Eastburn is an internationally acclaimed and respected motivational speaker that demonstrates his ability to overcome any obstacles. Brett has spoken to over a million people around the world, including Okinawa, Japan, Panama, Canada, Switzerland, and Mexico.

Brett was born with no arms and no legs, but more importantly, he truly believes that he was also born with no handicaps! Brett believes you're a success only if you choose to be. He also believes you are handicapped only if you allow yourself to be. Brett considers his body a very special gift to be used to inspire others to be the best they can be!

He is energetic and enthusiastic and sure to inspire your staff or students as a keynote speaker, motivational speaker, or convocational speaker.

His presentation can be tailored to be effective to any group or organization of any size including motivational speeches, inspirational presentations, and comedy. (Clean comedy of course.)

Brett has spoken for corporate motivation events, corporate comedy/motivation events, club comedy, high schools, junior highs, grades 2-6, churches, industry, military, police groups, and more.

About Brett

Brett was born in 1971 with a congenital birth defect known as Quad-membral Limbs Deficiency. He has no arms and no legs.

While in school Brett played baseball, football, and basketball. He also became an accomplished swimmer. In junior high, he became a member of the wrestling team. In high school, he wrestled on the varsity team. In the 1988 wrestling competition under the AAU Brett placed 4th in the nation.

During Brett's senior year he was made one of the team captains. After graduating he became a green belt in the martial arts. Brett is also an accomplished artist with national recognition. During Brett's senior year he began speaking professionally on subjects such as Self-improvement. Brett has traveled throughout the world giving his speeches.

Brett and his service dog Murray are the frequent subjects of news articles and TV interviews that deal with great success stories.

Brett is currently working full-time as a motivational and inspirational speaker. He is also a certified substitute teacher in his hometown area.

Brett has NO ARMS and NO LEGS. But most importantly, NO HANDICAPS.

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