Knoxville, TN

Leipers Fork Bluegrass Group, a talented and entertaining band is a "must have" for your event line-up. Band members enjoy mixing with the fans and pickin' and grinnin' in campground jams. As an event producer, Leipers Fork will be in the rotation for our shows.

Angie, LA

They were the icing on the cake for the reunion. It was so nice to have good music for everyone and they all are still saying what a great time they had and there was a LOT of buck dancing going on. Thank you for your service.

Vanessa and Calvin

An uncommon mix of talent is driven by the unforeseen years of musical experience the group encompasses. If you like bluegrass you will Love Leipers Fork Bluegrass Group....

Mont Eagle Records

Wow the show at Purvis was vintage Leipers Fork. Loved it, especially "Peace in the Valley" sung by Mr. Zeke. New CD is fine too. Sorry we could only do Friday but hope the next festival we can hang around. You guys get the BBWaD award (Best Band without a Dobro)

SunHerald.com Newspaper

Pleasing the Lord and Pleasing the People!!! Those are the two most important things in music. That's utmost in the hearts and minds of Leipers Fork. Wonderful songs and great arrangements added to professional pickin' and harmonious bluegrass vocals give you the perfect description of the group. The members of Leipers Fork Bluegrass are my friends. When it comes to gospel bluegrass and traditional bluegrass music they are the BEST

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