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As an avocational archaeologist for over 30 years, Larry has presented primitive technology and experimental archaeology to all ages through fun and educational programs. Larry presents his unique programs to schools, libraries, museums, colleges, knap-ins and primitive skill gatherings around the country. 

Larry has instructed at Dickson Mounds, Center for American Archaeology, and Cahokia Mounds. His work is on display at such locations as the Gilcrease Institute (Tulsa, OK), Cahokia Mounds, Giant City, and The Illinois State Museum. Larry’s work has also been featured on the Discovery Channel, BBC, and the History Channel.

Larry will demonstrate the use of primitive tools in his program (a stone ax, atlatls, banner stones, flint knives, and arrow points). This 45-minute program is suitable for first graders through adults. An additional 15 minutes will be required if a question and answer session is to follow.

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