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Mother Goose is a name that bas been associated with children's literature for centuries, appearing as the author of countless collections of tales and rhymes in many languages the world over. Scholars are not sure who the original Mother Goose was and many have claimed her notoriety.

Chris Everett began her career as this lovable character while working at Paducah- McCracken County Public Library in Kentucky. A Mother Goose theme for a very well supported 1975 Easter
Seal Center TV telethon debuted her career. Now living in the small quaint village of southern Illinois' Grand Chain, Mother Goose has become known throughout the neighborhood as "the real" Mother Goose with a house full of puppets and a rather large collection of hats and costumes and props.

Storyteller, singer, actress, artist, and much more, Chris Everett is one of those entertainers that simply loves what she does. Children and adults of every age always enjoy her very interactive programs, performed in much of the Midwest and southern states. While she gets a kick out of putting on costumes and making her own puppets, she gets a bigger thrill from the response of her audiences.

From the beginning of her wild original tale of Old Mother Hubbard falling in love with a tall dark stranger (Old King Cole) who cannot read, the audience transforms from spectators to lively participants. She introduces him and the audience to Itsy Bitsy Spider, Little Miss Muffet, The Blues Brothers (Little Boys Blue) and many other characters who merge into her migration of the United States from England.

Ms. Everett interweaves Mother Goose rhymes through actual participation, puppets, songs, and voice characterizations. "Shake it Loose Mother Goose" has become an icon with her program. The audience is taught the value of reading and learning to read at an early age. They are sometimes introduced to the dulcimer, drums, and toys of the "olden days". Most every performance ends or begins with a hands-on puppet parade and a reminder to "Always keep the child within you".

Fun for all involved with wonderful lifetime memories. Chris Everett also has a collection of characters such as Mrs. Santa Claus, Rebecca Boone, Christabelle Higginbottom, Mary Magdeline, the Easter Bunny, The Dancing Egg and The Dancing Cupcake. Others too, but these are the most popular.

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