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On (Date)_________________________ (Time)___________ A SHEPHERD’S TALE will be showing at (Place)_________________________________. Actor/playwright, Richard Garey spent two years researching the life of first century shepherds in Palestine for an authentic and intimate re-telling of the Christmas Story.

The leading character is a shepherd called Esrom. Through stories, songs and dance Esrom recalls the night the angels sang on the hills in Bethlehem. From beside his campfire Esrom tells the audience of encounters with wild animals, marauding thieves, betrayal by their leaders and the Big Shepherd’s Rebellion. Esrom paints a vivid picture of the life of simple men who trace their lineage back to the great Shepherd King, David. Still believing themselves to be the guardians of the promise of a coming Messiah, they are slowly losing hope until one extraordinary night everything changes!

“I want to transport the audience back to the sights, sounds and smells of the very first Christmas,” says Garey. Background music is a recording of ancient eastern instruments and melodies by musical scholar John Kolesar. “These are the instruments that King David would have had in his court,” Garey explains. “During the performance the audience is given a small box of myrrh to pass around. “I want the audience to experience the Christmas story as it may have been told for the very first time by the men who knelt at the manger of the Christ child!”

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