Type of Entertainment: Family Comedian   Rating: Everyone


The Iowa State Fair hosted Toby as a strolling entertainer, emcee, and entertainment coordinator for 17 years.

Toby did a command performance for the International Clown Hall of Fame and Research Center when they hosted the Moscow Circus School Director and staff as well as a visiting group of dignitaries including cosmonauts and the Russian Secretary of Agriculture. Toby has also been the emcee for an unprecedented six induction ceremonies for the Clown Hall of Fame.

Toby KID headlined the Tunnel Palladium Comedy Hour in London England

Comedy on ESPN? KID did just that as he entertained at the Drivers' Breakfast for the 2nd Annual Downtown Road Rally, broadcast live on the sports network.

Toby is a Certified Performing Artist and has been Artist in Resident for the Octagon Center of the Arts, multiple school districts across the Midwest, and the World Clown Association.


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